Gas/Gas Heat Exchanger


A client in the Oil and Gas industry based in the Netherlands had a problem of decreasing well pressure which threatened early shut down of its gas field. The client was looking for solutions to reduce the system pressure drop in order to extend the well life and reduce operational costs.

Applied solution

EMbaffle replaced the existing NTIW (No Tube In Window) heat exchanger with a compact design EMbaffle® gas/gas exchanger with 40% less surface area than a conventional unit. The EMbaffle® heat exchanger delivered half the pressure loss for the same duty, while the lower pressure drop meant reduced energy use as there was less need for gas recompression.


  • Capex saving due to smaller weight and footprint than conventional heat exchangers
  • Opex savings
  • Increased gas production
  • Extended field life
  • Project derived tax benefits through recognition of EMbaffle┬« technology under the Dutch Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) scheme for energy savings

Gas-Gas heat exchanger

Performance benefits

The resulting high performance heat exchanger offers the following potential benefits:

  • Elimination of damaging flow-induced tube vibration
  • Lower pressure drop on the shell side
  • Improved heat transfer capabilities
  • Lower fouling rates
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced emissions
  • Competitive manufacturing costs