Drive for value

All over the world industry faces common challenges – to drive down costs and improve operating efficiencies while reducing carbon emissions.

Heat exchangers form a significant component of the overall capital and operational costs of processing operations. By providing clients with enhanced heat transfer solutions, EMbaffle focuses on one of the most effective ways for them to achieve their operational, financial and environmental objectives.

EMbaffle achieves Capex savings through attaining similar duty with fewer exchangers at a lower weight and with a smaller footprint. Opex savings are gained through longer runtimes, less pressure drop and reduced energy consumption.

The company's specialists have the technical and operational know-how to provide custom systems incorporating EMbaffle® tried and tested heat exchanger technology, which has been certified as "Energy saving technology" by the Dutch government.

EMbaffle supplies its technology through an international network of licensed heat exchanger manufacturers, as well as offering enhanced heat transfer solutions directly to the market.

The company's clients lie across a range of industries including the refinery sector, petrochemicals, gas processing, LNG, GTL, upstream production and other applications, including concentrated solar power.

Scope of Supply

The Scope of Supply of EMbaffle extends to the following areas:

  • The development and commercialisation of its patented expanded metal baffle technology for use in shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Provision, as lead contractor, of enhanced heat transfer solutions to the international refinery, petrochemicals, power generation, gas processing, LNG, GTL and concentrated solar power sectors.
  • Consultancy services to address particular requirements of end users and licensees through enhanced heat transfer solutions.
  • EMbaffle® technology being made available under licence to heat exchanger fabricators and suppliers of expanded metal.