EMbaffle offers energy and CO2 savings to clients through optimised heat exchanger performance using innovative technology.

The company's clients have benefited from EMbaffle® heat transfer technology:

  • In high fouling cases
  • When low shell side pressure drop is required
  • When tube vibration is an issue
  • When approach temperatures are very low
  • When looking for cost competitive solutions
  • When compact design is required
  • In retrofit cases

Key Industries

  • Oil & Gas – Upstream and Downstream
  • Process, Petrochemical, Refining
  • Power, including Concentrated Solar Power and Geothermal

Applications include:

  • Feed/Effluent Exchangers
  • Crude Preheat Exchangers
  • Gas / Gas Exchangers
  • Solar Power Exchangers (HTF / Molten Salt Heat Exchangers)
  • Overhead Condensers
  • CCW / Seawater Coolers
  • Diluted Bitumen

We offer clients a flexible range of service options.

Technology support

EMbaffle's team of technical specialists can provide project management services and design solutions to engineering procurement contractors and end users for their heat exchanger operations ensuring optimal heat integration and clean, safe and reliable equipment.

Technology owner

The company provides design services for EMbaffle® heat exchangers and a comparison of EMbaffle® solutions with other types through HTRI design software, for which EMbaffle is now an option.

Technology development

EMbaffle® technology is available under licence to heat exchanger manufacturers and expanded metal suppliers. The company offers licensees engineering consulting services to design review and verify the thermal performance of EMbaffle® exchanger designs.

Licensed manufacturers can benefit from a technology that

  • Is innovative, cost effective and proven
  • Is a key differentiator during times of excess capacity and reduced margins
  • Offers major performance advantages to end users
  • Is a key enabler for enhanced heat transfer solutions

Mini EPC

EMbaffle can execute entire heat exchanger projects from feed study through delivery, hook-up and commissioning. The company has a combined plant operational knowledge of more than 100 man years for upstream and downstream processes, resulting in a whole-system approach to its solutions.

All EMbaffle products and services are available through our office in Alphen a/d Rijn.




Find out more about specific benefits provided by EMbaffle® heat exchanger technology for the above applications.