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Vision, Mission & Values


Our ambition is ultimately to become the shell and tube heat exchanger technology of choice among end-users and engineering contractors as they seek to reduce capital and operating costs and to derive material benefits from savings on energy and emissions.

Mission and Values

EMbaffle's mission reflects the company's corporate goals and a commitment to serve the interests of all stakeholders, contribute to customer and licensee business(es) and continuously improve in all areas.

EMbaffle is determined to achieve the company's vision in a way that reflects shared values and goals. To achieve this the company will:

  • Explore and maximise every opportunity that increases value for our shareholders
  • Leverage our technical advantages to achieve profitable growth in strategic markets worldwide
  • Maintain and improve our competitive advantage with new technologies and outstanding designs
  • Perform all our tasks and obligations ethically with professionalism and respect for our employees, customers, licensees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate
  • Design products and support product realisation with respect for the environment and employee and public the health by reducing energy use, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and cutting costs
  • Remain the preferred engineering consultant for small and larger applications that enhance the business of end-users and licensees through the use of technical innovation and specialist knowledge.

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